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In previous pages and posts I’ve given suggestions to make choosing the best paint colors for your interior a bit easier.  There are ideas for designing and decorating a small living room and some more ideas for an accent wall.

Today I have decided to share what I’ve found while shopping for small furniture for small spaces, like a maybe a studio apartment or a dorm room.

I have kids who are setting up their first places, all on their own.  In helping them shop I’ve noticed that a lot of the furniture that we find is way too big for their needs.  I thought I’d list the pieces that I found here in case one of you happened to know someone in a similar situation.

I’ve checked and summarized the reviews on these items, but this isn’t actually a review of each product.  It’s more of a list of items that I would buy, had I known at their age what I know now.  ; )

I was looking for items that are as inexpensive as I could find but could still furnish a room nicely without being too cheesy cheap.  Remember though, we get what we pay for, so some of these items might need to be babied but they should be good until we can save for a better quality investment.

My goal was to find decent quality items that look pretty good or can be decorated, improved or repurposed easily.  They should save space and be functional for a couple of years.

So here we go…

First up we have a sofa, and a love seat.

Classic Living Room Linen Sofa with Storage 

Minor assembly required – Instructions and hardware are included
Dimensions: Overall – 77″W x 31″d x 33″h inches Seat – 66″w x 21″d inches
Back Rest – 66″w x 16″h inches
Storage – 64″w x 20″d x 8″h inches
Legs – 3″w x 3″d x 3″h inches

Ok, I know this sofa is pretty long at 77 inches, but I was thinking storage, sofa, and maybe even guest bed if needed.  Most of the reviews said they were happy with it.

There were some from 2016 that had notes of minor tears to the inside of the storage compartment.  I’d guess that maybe they cut costs in the inside fabric of the storage area so might tear more easily, but it’s on the inside so it wouldn’t be noticeable.

The storage area is about 8 in deep.

There is also a matching chair with storage but it is more expensive than the sofa.  You can find it just a little lower on the same page if you would like to get a set.

Here is a smaller version, and it’s on sale right now,  it’s almost 1/2 Price!

Lifestyle Solutions Scottsdale Loveseat in Black

Upholstered in Quality fabric
High density foam Seat Cushion
Pocket Coil Construction with built in storage
Kiln dried solid hardwood frame with plastic legs
Removable Back Cushions
Dimensions:  53.7″ x 31.5″ x 34.3″    84lbs

The reviews for this love seat were more positive than for the couch.  They did say that it’s pretty small though.  I think it’s supposed to be small, but that’s just me.  ; )

I found a few futons, that were about the same size and price as these pieces but, according to the reviews, they lacked the quality I’m looking for.   So I passed, but you can find them here on Amazon if you think you would prefer a futon.  I’ve tried 3 or 4 different styles but they always seem more awkward to me than I think they should be.  I do like the look and idea though.

Dining Room Sets

In this next section I’ve found a couple of small dining sets.  They are either compact or can be folded and stored out of the way when they aren’t in use.

Winsome Space Saver with 2 Stools

Table is 29.13″w x 29.61″d x 32.76″h
Combination of solid and composite wood in teak finish
Assembly required
Item Weight     51.6 lbs

The reviews on this little set are very good.  A few of them note that it is    built from solid wood which means better
quality, but heavy.  You should be able to refinish it easily if you decide to later.

I think my favorite is this next one.  I like that it doesn’t take up floor space because it hangs on the wall.  This will limit the number of guests you’ll be able to seat comfortably though.

I really like the idea of painting it like a piece of art for when it is folded on the wall and out of the way.  You could use a part of a poster that you like, or take a favorite picture to a print shop and have them print it on a thin magazine type of paper.  Then, glue it to the table and cover the paper and the table top with a few coats of Mod Podge to make your own one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Lillyarn 3 pcs Wooden Kitchen Dining Table Set Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Folding Breakfast Table

Lillyarn 3 pcs Wooden Kitchen Dining Table Set

Table: 33 x 23.6 x 19.8 inches.
Stools: 12.2 x 11.8 X 18.5 Inches.
Metal structure with 2 support brackets, sturdy and endurable.
Material: MDF cover with PVC.  Metal tube with powder coating.

The table can be mounted on the wall at a suitable height and will be good for adults and children.
Space saving table and stools can be folded quickly and easily.

What you get: 1 table , 2 stools, all the accessories, installation instructions.

Harper & Bright Designs By Merax 3-Piece Pub Table Set, Tavern/Counter Height Dining Set with 2 Bar Stools (Espresso)

Table: 42 in L x 22.4 in w x 35.6 in h
Single Chair:14.1in l x 10.2in w x 23.2in h
Item weight: 49 pounds

Rich espresso finish
Contemporary style tavern set
Faux-marble table top  (Nice looking!)
Two backless counter height stools with padded seat covers

Assembly is required.

So with this one, depending on what the faux marble table top is made of, you might want to grab a small bottle of ModPodge to treat the top of it to keep it protected from accidental scratches.  2 or 3 coats should really improve the durability of this set.

A few of the reviews also noted that the stools are not really strong enough to hold someone who is very overweight, so it’s best to know that before you buy.  The rest of them sounded pretty good considering the price for this table.

Monarch 3 Piece Metal Dining Set, White

Weight:  27lbs
Dimensions:  32 x 21 x 63 inches

I  like this one because of the extra shelves and because it folds against the wall when you aren’t using it.

You could get creative and make your

own faux marble or faux granite top (I’ll have to post how to do this later) or find some pictures that you like in a magazine and Mod Podge some art on the table top, like the idea above, and it would make a cool accent rather than looking like a tv tray.

It’s pretty cute for the price and definitely fits the ‘double-duty’ and space saving criteria.


So far we have a sofa or love seat and maybe an ottoman for seating, and a compact dining set that will store nicely out of the way.

Let’s think about a desk or work area now.  One idea is to consider letting the dining set do the double duty, but if you use it daily, it might be a pain when it comes to meal time.  I like the idea of a separate work space that I can close off when I’m not working and not have to see it or think about it constantly.

Tribesigns Folding Computer Desk with Bookshelves


E1 partical board + metal frame
39.3”l, 24.4”w & 48.3”hTribesigns Folding Computer Desk with Bookshelves
The desk top is 27.6”l by 22.8”w.
The shelving is 24.4” x 11.8”
Weight capacity of this small table is up to 40 lbs

Along the same line as the Monarch dining set above, this folding computer desk is a similar design.   While it’s not as decorative as the Monarch, this one seems to be more
sturdy to hold a laptop and there are shelves underneath for office supplies or whatever.  It will take up a bit more floor space.

The reviews were pretty good.  There were a couple of comments that some of the holes weren’t drilled, but that’s easy enough to do for the sturdiness comments and the price.  (Technically, we are still working under the ‘you get what you pay for’ rule here, right?)

Anytime you see the words “particle board” in the specifications, just save yourself a headache and plan on spending an extra $7 and buy a bottle of Mod Podge and a sponge applicator to cover the top.   (and use wood glue when you put the screws in)

I think I’d have to get creative again and do a make-over on it, Boho-style maybe.  It needs a little help in that area, but as far as function goes, it would definitely work.  Ever wonder why the word ‘functional’ is almost always synonymous with ‘ugly’?

Well, anyway…   One of the reviews mentioned that she uses it in her kitchen to double as a kitchen island when needed.  I think that’s a great idea!

HomCom Fold Out Convertible Wall Mount Desk


Color: EspressoHomCom Fold Out Convertible Wall Mount Desk - Espresso Brown Brown
Overall Dimensions: 37″l x 23.5″w x 58″h
Table Surface Dimensions: 32.25″l x 27″w x 28″h
Folded Dimensions: 23.5″l x 6.5″d x 32.25″h
Net Weight: 40lbs
Weight Capacity: 45lbs
Material: Birch Veneer, MDF Wood

I like this one better.  It doesn’t have a lot of storage space but there is some and when you fold it up it will be completely up off the floor so you can use that space.

You can hang a nice size picture on it (or decorate it like suggested above) so when you fold it up your work will be completely out of sight.  The shelves inside are about 6″ deep and 2 of them are adjustable.

If you need more storage space you could hang some matching 12″ deep floating shelves above or around the desk and hide your extra supplies in cool boxes or baskets.  Some of the reviews mentioned that this one is kind of tricky to hang so it’s best if you can find a helper.

Southern Enterprises Wall Mount Laptop Desk

Wall mounted desk features four compartments, one angled paper organizer,
one corkboard, one drawer, and
a fold-down desktop
MDF with wood veneer and metal hardware.
Weighs 25 pounds, supports 30 pounds when mounted to wall stud

Overall size: 26″w x 6″d x 20″h
Writing surface: 24.75″w x 13.5″d
Lg cubby: 16.5″w x 5.5″d x 13.75″h
Med cubbies: 3.75″w x 5.25″d x 8.75″h
Small cubbies: 3.75″w x 5.25″d x 4.25″h
Drawer: 24″w x 5″d x 3.25″h

This piece is smaller, but would work well for the bare essentials.  Again, you could use some floating shelves for storage above or around it to keep your floor space open, and the price is pretty good.  ; )

TV Stand

There are several TV stand designs.  You can get a small one to set on any table for around $30 – $50.

Ameriwood Home Englewood TV Stand, Weathered Oak

This TV Stand accommodates 55” flat panel TVs with a maximum weight of 65 lbs.
It has both open and closed storage with
3 adjustable shelves
It’s made of laminated MDF, particle board and glass door fronts (so get the Mod Podge to protect it longer from scratches.)                              I think this one looks nicer,  if you can fit
it in your budget but it is a little bit higher priced.

It is a great size to balance the couch or love seat in the room and the doors on it not only look good but they will keep dust off of items stored inside.  If you prefer them to be covered you can get a decorative paper or a piece of fabric that you like from a craft store and tape it to the inside of the glass for a nice look.  Try to get a neutral color or a pattern that matches your upholstery for best results.



So if you have a very small space to furnish, you could reasonably do it with these products for around $500 or $600.   Check out my Product Review Ottoman/Fold Out Bed for some choices of a small hide-a-way bed, that I found on Amazon. It’s simple to set up and easy to put away.

Here’s a quick and stylish make-over idea,

I hope you have liked this post.  Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below.  If you know anyone that this might help then please share or like us on social media.

Happy Decorating!





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    1. Hi Rick, Thanks for the comment. Actually, I really am dealing with this right now. This website
      is sort of a collection of products and tips and tricks that I find as I do my own research. I post
      them here hoping to help others in the same or similar situations and also so that I can find the
      ideas again more easily. I have 4 kids so I’m sure that I’ll want this info again in a year or two. ; )
      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully you’ll stop by again soon.

  1. A big wow to your wonderful article. I love creative ideas and things you have described about small space furniture. I really like your ideas and I will check out more articles from you as well. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Rae!

    Awesome recommendations..

    I had a studio apartment a while back and I had NO SPACE lol

    I’d love to see what you recommend for a mini work/computer desk.


    1. Hi Mohamed, Thanks for stopping by! Funny that you mention a desk, I actually have a couple of ideas for
      a desk and even a suggestion for a tv stand. I kind of like to have my tv on the wall, but I found a pretty
      cool small table stand for when that isn’t an option. I’ll add those next.

  3. Hi Rae, great article. I myself am about 30, with limited space and a very restricted financial situation so seeing the products listed in this article will definitely help out.

    I really like the sofas you listed here. I am a huge sofa fan!

    Thanks for a great article!

  4. I like how every product is very detailed, the price is reasonable for these beautiful furnitures. Do you know about single sofa chair? I have been wanted to get one of those, I have yet to find best deal on it.

    1. Hi Tabish, Thank you for the comment. There is a sofa chair in the same style as the sofa that
      I have mentioned here. If you follow the link to see the sofa on Amazon, then scroll down a bit
      you will see the smaller chair that I mentioned. It also has storage in the bottom but the price
      was substantially higher than the great deal on this sofa. Because I am trying to keep the prices
      down for better value I decided not to list the chair here.

  5. Great site! I, too, live in a small place that is super crowded with furniture–larger furniture. I need to think about giving up the large for some smaller, more functional pieces. Thanks.

    1. Hi Tanya, Thanks for the comment. Sometimes a larger couch can be worked with nicely in a small place. There are a couple of suggestions on my page titled ‘Small Living Room Decorating Ideas’ that you might find helpful. I think a larger couch looks better balanced with a longer sideboard to balance out the room. The sideboard could be used for storage and if you need a little more, floating shelves and decorative baskets or boxes are not as expensive as buying a whole new set of furniture for storage. ; )

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