Necessary Supplies for Painting

This is my basic list of supplies.


We’ve been busy choosing the best paint colors for our room.   Now we should plan our list of supplies to get ready for the big project.  When we do decorating or interior painting projects, there is always at least one,

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and often there are several trips back and forth to the hardware store that we end up making because we forget something, or we get the wrong size, or maybe we didn’t get enough of something.  It’s okay.  Even the professionals have to make extra trips back and forth sometimes.  I’m going to try to eliminate at least a couple of those trips for you, though.   Preparation steps make a plan come together so much more easily.

If we haven’t made the final decision yet, at least we have narrowed down the choices for paint colors that will work best for us.  I have decided to start a list of necessary supplies now, while I am still in the planning stage.  I’ll add more as I do some of my own running back and forth, so maybe you won’t have to.

I’ll have some preparation advice on the next page.  ; )

        • Dropcloth
        • Paint scraper and sanding block with sand paper.   (Maybe a sander if it’s a big job)
        • Spackle for holes, large cracks or small dents
        • Spackling knife and a trough or small bucket to hold the spackle.
        • Joint compound (If you have holes to fill)
        • Wall texture if needed
        • Texture rollers or brushes (Depending on which texture technique you choose)
        • Blue painters tape  (White masking tape sticks too much and the green stuff doesn’t stick enough)
        • Paper, like newsprint or newspaper, for masking off larger areas
        • Paint brushes and rollers, or a sprayer and hopper (this will make a big job much easier)
        • Paint tray or a screen for drips if you use a 5-gal bucket
        • Roll of paper towels (Just in case..)

          • Primer (I suggest looking for a good quality one, water based for new drywall, but if there are water stains or smoke damage you really should use an oil based primer to seal it so it doesn’t bleed through)
          • Paint can opener (or an old screw driver)
          • Stir sticks
          • Paint!!    ; )
          • Gloves are a really good idea
          • Extension pole for the roller
          • Ladder (so you can reach the ceiling)

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